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2009-05-08 15:26:31 by DJ-TnT

Nothing to new or interesting.

My Religion

2009-04-17 14:35:22 by DJ-TnT

It's done! The full remake of My Religion!
Took me quite a while to finish it, and I'm really proud of it! :D

Go check it out!

2 up, more to go!

2009-02-19 05:29:56 by DJ-TnT

So, with my Melo-6 posted I can upload some other songs I have worked on before I started using FL studio.
Rainfall is a song I made couple of years ago on eJay Dance 6. It almost doesn't have any mastering, but it's quite the up-beat dance-song :D
So, I hope you'll enjoy my posts.. more are on the way!


P.S: I'll be putting on a WIP-section in the newspages soon.. first, I'm going to chill back and listen to a whole lot of Trance and Dance on the radio :D